Friday, May 14

Our Climbing Tree

When we first bought our house and Maggie was a wee one, there was an ornamental apple tree in the middle of our front yard. It was a rather ugly tree at first, but John helped it out a little and we grew to love it. As we added to our family and our little ones grew bigger, it became the perfect climbing tree. Many times in the last five to six years, Maggie (and then Bentley, too) has scaled the branches with a book in hand. My monkeys have used the lower branches to swing from and many, many stuffed animals have spent the night in the great outdoors after being left up among the leaves. The tree is treasured favorite.

The last few years of drought have been hard on the tree, though, and slowly the upper branches have been dying off. We have managed to save the best branches up until this spring, but just two week ago we noticed a huge crack in the branch that basically provided for the entire left side of the tree. It had to be cut. Our tree is now missing its entire left side. Our intent was to just take the whole tree down and replace it with something else, but our kiddos LOVE this tree. We called them out to let them have one last climb on the remaining branches, and we just couldn't do it. It may be lopsided and ugly, but there is so much fun left for them to climb.

We know it will completely die soon, and the kiddos realize it as well. They tell us it is okay; we just need to plant another tree that can grow into a climbing tree. We don't have the heart to tell them that they will have no interest in climbing trees by the time a new tree grows big enough. So we are leaving the old one as long as we possibly can. It just seems like the right thing to do.

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