Wednesday, May 19

A Maggie Update:

Maggie is my oldest...approaching nine in just a few months. She is walking on the line of little kiddo and big kiddo, and all too soon the little kiddo will be gone completely. She is completely petite, very girlie, and very athletic. She is uber friendly and actually takes responsibility very seriously.
She still LOVES to dance and has notebooks of songs that she has penned in the hopes of being a singer/dancer one day. Well that, and she'd like to a scientist, an artist, a vet, and a waitress. Her favorite toys right now are probably legos and outside things--like her bike. Just this afternoon I found her tucked away on a swing in the backyard reading a chapter book.

She has her friend Ava, and the two are literally two peas in a pod. They enjoy a lot of the same things and can often disappear for hours crafting, playing in the yard, and imagining things. The two girls just started swim team, and I have a sneaky feeling that they both are going to have a great season even if they never win a race. That's just the kind of girls they are!

We went to the park today, and once again I was reminded of just how fortunate I am to have Maggie as my girl. She was one of the oldest there and I never really gave her any specific directions on playing with the little ones; she just does it naturally. She is so good about just blending in to whatever the situation is. Always smiling, always friendly, always looking out for others. She makes my heart happy.

This afternoon on the way to get her friend Ava from school, I made sure to take the time to tell her how much her heart and her actions really do reflect a sincere love and concern for others and just how important that is. I know the teenage years will be a bit tricky to maneuver through (and still a wee bit off, thank goodness!), but as she gets older, I am more and more encouraged that it just isn't going to be that rough. She's quite the kiddo!


dairyfreemom said...

It's so inspirational to see the love and grace you express toward your kids. I teared up reading this because I don't think I've been showing MY oldest girl the grace she deserves lately -- I focus way too much on the stuff that needs improvement. Thanks for providing the iron I needed to sharpen my iron!

-Stacey J.

Libby said...

So sweet! i love hearing about your precious kiddos. Also, where did you find her sandals? I have been searching for brown sandals for my girls.