Saturday, May 22

John held the camera 99% of the time...

John and I took advantage of kiddos-at-grandparents for the weekend and went hiking. Actually, we started out last night with some friends and a round of Settlers, which I won! I have never won before, and I do not expect to ever win again...

We woke up at dark thirty and headed up a little past Ellijay for some hiking fun. It has been so long since we hiked just the two of us, and it was really nice. Actually for our whole time out there, we only saw one other couple. We hiked about 3 1/2 miles in and then hiked back out--roughly 7 miles of some pretty serious terrain. I'm not sure I'll be able to walk tomorrow. It was fun, though, to have the time on the trails, to talk about things we never get to talk about with kiddos around, and to just enjoy each other. John had the camera most of the time, so most of the pictures are of me! That never happens, so enjoy!

{Playing in the waterfall}
{Standard self-timer picture}
{Enjoying the woods}
Oh, and I did take some awesome pictures of John in the falls, but they are all turned sideways still in photoshop...when I fix that I'll post and you can decide who the better photographer is...just kidding!

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Cindy said...

How fun!

I love the pic of you leaning against the tree! Beautiful!