Friday, May 28

For your birthday

Amy, when you are 34…

You are about to be married a full 11 years to the man of your dreams (or at least a man who’s trying to be the man of your dreams!). You’re the mother of 3 amazing children who love you immensely. This year, you’ve taught Maggie to do long division and Bentley to read. Both of these are huge, and I still don’t understand how you teach someone to read. You’ve taught all three of our kids more lessons than one can count, but to sum it up, you’re teaching them to think for themselves, think of others before themselves, and to love God more than anything in this world. This is all incredibly amazing to me and to other people who are watching you.

You have written 3 of these letters this year: “When you are 2…”, “When you are 8…”, and “When you are 6…”. These will be things that our kiddos will cherish “When they are… older.” Someone needed to take the time to construct one of these things for you, and who better than the man of your dreams? In each of these letters, and those in previous years, you’ve mentioned the love that each of our kids has for their siblings. They learn this from us, mostly from you, because of the love you show them every single hour of every day.

You have taught me to be more patient with them; taught me to laugh more at them when I lean too far to the serious side of things. I think they’re already appreciating this one!

On a lighter note, you still like to sleep in whenever you can get away with it. You still like to read books by people like Nicholas Sparks, and (praise God!) you still don’t like to read books about vampires! You’ve learned to play the heck out of some bass guitar on Rock Band, but still can’t play them drums (no one around here can play those things except Bentley). You’re becoming a runner and finished your first 5K! You love that Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero, and I still can’t get you to give coffee a chance.

You have had some more of a year this time around. To sum that up, God has been pulling you closer and closer to himself, and you have been responding. In your own words, you’ve learned more about God’s love this year than you ever have before. It has been a blessing to see this and be a small part of it. I praise God for allowing me to be part of your life! I’m so excited about the year to come, and the years & years to come after that. You were amazing when we were dating and I loved you so much. You are so much more than that now, and my love for you will never stop growing.

Happy 34th Babygirl! May the Lord make his face shine on you (and thus shine on the rest of us in our house) forever and forever! I love you.

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