Friday, May 21

The Coach's Kid...

So Mags is swimming this season on a swim team whose home pool is the in neighborhood across the street. There are 91 kiddos on the team, ranging from age 5 to older teenagers. The system is amazing to me; much more organized than ANY sport we have ever been a part of...and we've done some sports in the last nine years. The kiddos are bracketed by age and they practice 4-5 days a week. Maggie practices with the 7-10 year olds for an hour each day. There are probably 30 kiddos on any given day at her practice and 3 coaches. Some of the older teenagers also help out as well, so there ends up being 5-6 coaches in the water with the swimmers. We realized quickly on day one that we know quite a few of the other swimmers from various places--church, the neighborhood, and even from Daddy's school. Some of the teenagers even had Daddy as a teacher. So yesterday as we climbed in the van after practice our conversation went like this:

Maggie: Mommy, did you hear the teenagers while I was swimming?

Me: No...sorry! I wasn't really paying attention. I was talking to Mrs. Tracy. What were they saying?

Maggie: They were pointing at me and saying that I was Coach Huff's daughter.

Me: Well, how did that make you feel?

Maggie: Glad to be Coach Huff's daughter!

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