Sunday, May 30

Camping Cousins

Mags and Bent went on a camping adventure with Grannis and their cousins this past weekend. I am so grateful for my brother, my sister-in-law, and my nieces and nephews. My kiddos have a set of built-in friends, and these kiddos all truly LOVE each other. Much fun is had by all when they are all together.

Bent and Tucker
Bent and Allie
The big cousins: Mag, Bent, Tori, and Allie
In the Lake
The girls shared a tent
Exploring together...

I am so glad they had fun, and I'm sure I haven't heard all the stories yet, but I am so very, very happy to have all my little people back. I've missed them so.

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Amy said...

Looks like they had fun! You need to teach us all about the camping thing. We have gotten all the gear and all and want to go, but neither Shane nor I have ever been so we're not really sure where to go and what to do and all.