Wednesday, May 26

Almost May baby.

I just can't believe my baby is almost three. She was absolutely the best baby--so easy going and laid back. I have a post prewritten and scheduled to show up on Saturday, but here is a little reminder of how she started out in life!
{see that pacifier in the background? Deceptive. Never really worked well with any of my children. Ellie became a thumb sucker...still is on occasion, but it is slowly fading away. A lot have people have certainly pushed their judgments our way (you know, since I obviously had no idea what I was doing by letting her do such a thing!), and I am happy to report no one has lost any sleep over Ellie's thumb sucking habits. She has almost stopped completely on her own.}

{This picture is at a cross country of my favorites because this so shows my girl's personality. She is obviously not having fun, she is completely tired, and yet, Ellie was content to sit in the grass and ride it out. I took her everywhere, and she never, hardly ever, cried and complained. She just sat and watched the teenagers. Such an awesome kiddo.}

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Kim said...

We are right behind you on this. I feel a little sad, but happy too. I keep thinking that these "baby days" are but a wisp of time. Jasper is so cute right now and I feel every second ticking away of these days before he turns into a full-fledged boy. Bittersweet huh?