Wednesday, April 21

where I'm at tonight:

  • Sometimes life just hurts. I'd love to wrap us all in bubble wrap and protect us from bumps and bruises, but I am terribly suspect that the end result would be equally as challenging. I have actually found myself in the other camp; the camp who truly believes that grace and forgiveness cannot be fully measured or granted until they are found in tandem with trial and heartache. You may think you understand forgiveness, but until you have needed it and had to ask for it without conditions attached, it is really hard to grasp and even harder to extend to others. And when you have to explain it to your children--well, let's just say we are all learning a lot...about ourselves and about others. I can only hope that their little hearts can begin to understand what I am learning all over again at 33.
  • Life is under no circumstances fair, and no one has the right to promise me that it will or should be. I will not begin to pretend to understand why my dear friends had to say goodbye to their sweet Hannah today...why God would give her a new heart in her first months of life only to take her home four years later. My own heartache for them has been almost overwhelming at times, yet God is completely good and completely in control. It is totally a part of his plan, and who are we to judge that plan as a faulty plan?


Anonymous said...


You truly have a special and gifted way of sharing your thoughts on personal life events. If all your insight was lifted off your blog site, copies of each placed in a notebook, organized, and titled, I believe it would be a "book" worth printing and sharing for others to grow by.

I am touched,

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you are grieved. I am praying!


amy said...

Audra can I come visit this summer??? Seriously???