Tuesday, April 6

Spring Break Fun--Day 2

We took a hike up at the lake today...about two miles total...not bad for 85 degrees and four kiddos.

I gave specific instructions--we are not bringing anything home. That lasted about ten minutes. We found several interesting rocks, opened an acorn or two, chased a baby salamander in the water, and had a lot of fun. Only the rocks came home with us!

This is the shallow creek where the kiddos found a salamander. After scaring it to death, they also found some tadpoles and small fish.

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Anonymous said...

Last week during our spring break, we visited several state parks and hiked. We actaully hiked three days in a row. Not long hikes, but fun- enjoy God's creation- hikes. I thought of you and how proud of me you'd be. Too bad you're not closer so we could hike together. Our kids would have a blast! Audra