Monday, April 12

The one in which I say several important things...bullet style.

  • I am contemplating some serious changes around this old blog of mine. I'm not exactly sure what I am going to do--I am just warning you (all 10 of my regular readers!). I don't exactly want to stop--it is literally my kiddos' baby book--but I am feeling the need for a little more privacy in life right now. We'll see if I still feel that way in a week or two...we'll see. I have a dear friend who always says, "keep it close to the hip." I am feeling that more and more as time goes by...
  • I had lunch with that same friend last week, and she really challenged me. As a matter of fact, every conversation with her leaves me a little encouraged and way challenged. That, my friends, is what true fellowship and true friendship is all about. Grace is given, life's happenings are understood, and time is made valuable. If you do not have friends like this, SEEK them out. It is more important than you could ever realize.
  • I had dinner out with some ladies in my covenant group at church--also way encouraging. I think I talked more in those minutes than I ever have in our group...I guess I had a lot of things fresh on my heart.
  • We had a guest "pastor" this morning (he goes to our church, in seminary). He gave an analogy comparing the visible moon and the character of God that was so simple, yet so applicable, in my own life. I am still trying to think on that one.
  • Maggie visited another church with her friend Ava today. I am just so stinking excited at the young lady she is becoming.
  • My friend Dayna is back (see, you made the blog again!!!). I have seriously missed her. Who else can I text late at night and get an immediate answer?
I guess that is it for now...hopefully it is enough for those wanting updates!

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