Monday, March 29

Like always, she's a champ.

There are some conversations that, no matter how hard you try, you just can't prepare your children enough. Maggie had one of those conversations today.

When we first moved into our house, there was a family across the street and a few doors down with small children. A little boy Maggie's age, and a little girl Bentley's age! The mom had brain cancer, and she died four years ago. They stayed in the house for a bit, but eventually they moved. The grandmother now lives in the house, and occasionally, we see the children there.

This past weekend, our kiddos discovered each other again. The little girl has come over just about every day since to play with Maggie, and all the kiddos played for hours in our yard today. I stepped outside to call them in for dinner, and I overheard Isabella telling Maggie about her mother. I listened from inside the garage for a minute, and it was such a sweet conversation. I was so proud of Mags and her grace and tact and gentleness. It was only a minute or so and I stepped out, and the conversation started all over again between Isabella and me. I followed Maggie's lead and answered just like she did. I couldn't have prepared her for that, but like always, she's a champ.

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