Saturday, March 27

It's a small world after all.

On a hot September day in the fall of 1994, I sat in a college trig class (I think?). Nearby sat a girl who was totally different than me by appearance alone, but it turned out we had a lot in common. We were from the same hometown and had actually lived in the same neighborhood for a while. We met and became fast friends--friends that would share many laughs, many tears, and many road trips. She was with me in Thailand the summer I met John, and she actually landed me my first teaching job when I graduated. She was in my wedding, and then a few years later, I was in hers. She moved to Thailand, and she moved back. Michelle is moving to Mississippi in a few months.

In September of 2008, I sat in a small group of women from my church. I knew a few of the ladies, but a few were new faces for me. Over the last two years, these women have become some of my closer friends. One of the ladies, Dayna, knew Michelle very well from her days in college. She was actually in Michelle's wedding as well, but I don't remember meeting her back then (Michelle had a big wedding with a lot of honorary bridesmaids).

Saturday, I picked up Dayna and drove about 45 minutes to Michelle's house. We enjoyed a nice lunch and spent time catching up with each other. It was such a weird triangle of connections, but so much fun to sit and talk and listen...and catch up with the three of us all together. It was so refreshing--and what a small world, right?

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