Wednesday, February 10

Things I love about our Maggie Brett...

  • I love her honesty. This girl cannot tell a lie. She will hate this later in her teen years, but I treasure it now.
  • I love her easy-going attitude!!! There are very few things that ruffle her feathers.
  • I love her confidence. I wish I had the same confidence.
  • I love her heart. She is so kind and so gentle, both with her siblings and her friends. She is quick to notice someone that needs a bit of extra encouragement and she is all-inclusive with her friendships--she literally loves everyone.
  • I love that this child will take the last cookie and give it completely away if she notices someone else doesn't have one at all.
  • I love that she is a complete bookworm.
  • I love that, at eight, I can completely trust her to use my sewing machine, my stand mixer, and the electric griddle (making pancakes).
  • I love that she still trusts her mommy and daddy above all other people, and she still comes to us when her feelings are hurt or when she needs to know something.
  • I love that she is a goal-meeter. If she sets her mind on something, she is willing to work at it until she accomplishes the task at hand. Her diligence at this amazes me.
  • I love her sense of humor--once again, a lot of personality packaged in a little bitty body.
  • I love that she is so much fun!

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