Sunday, February 28

Stone Mountain

We haven't been to Stone Mountain in a long, long time. Mostly because I have had a kiddo (or two) scared of fireworks over the last seven years or so, and the thought of the laser show crowd is simply overwhelming. The afternoon sun was too enticing today (John was awake and feeling better), and we set out, despite the cold, to enjoy the day. No laser show in the works, just a hike up the big stone. Bentley produced A LOT of jokes, some of which were actually funny. We made it to the very top, hung out a bit, and footed it back down. It was fun to be able to point out different things in view from the top--Bent and Mags were amazed. Poor John had Ellie on his back the whole time, and she told the same knock knock joke over and over the entire trip back down. Funny for the rest of us, not so much for John...thank goodness he is a patient man!

Atlanta in the distance
John and kiddos
Mags, Bent, and me
Mags and Bent
All the people I love the most!

1 comment:

John said...

Ellie: "Knock Knock"
Me: "Who's there?"
Ellie: "Duck"
Me: "Duck who?"
Ellie: "You Quack me up!"