Wednesday, February 10

Some the things I love about our Bentley...

  • I love that dimple!!
  • I love that he ALWAYS shares...always. Whenever he asks for something, he always makes sure to ask for Maggie as well.
  • I love his tender heart. It is hard to see sometimes, masked by his boy-ness, but it is there.
  • I love that I can read his face. One look, and I know what he is feeling!
  • I love his lists.
  • I love his intense drive to keep up with Maggie in school.
  • I love that I can put him in the back yard and he can play for hours.
  • I love the excitement he has when he accomplishes new things--like riding on two wheels or tying a shoe.
  • I love that even when things scare him, he is willing to try.
  • I love that he can play Rock Band with his Daddy so that I don't have to...I love that he can play the drums and I can't!
  • I love that he makes his own name tag at church each week, and it always says something different.
  • I love that he is learning to love reading and MUST.READ.EVERYTHING.
  • I love the big personality packed into his skinny little body--it makes life fun!
{This picture of John and Bent is from John's birthday. Bentley took his tooth fairy money to the dollar store and picked these glasses out especially for him. I love that he loves his daddy!}

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I bet they'll love reading these lists 20 years down the road :)