Tuesday, February 9

A short list of the things I love about our Ellie...

  • I love how she thinks her name is Ellie Boo or Boo or Boo Bear. She responds to all of these with a smile!
  • I love her spunk. Yes, she is a handful, and yes, she gets into way too many things. But she has so much personality in this little bitty body and it just makes life fun.
  • I love her little voice that is almost always followed by her BIG smile.
  • I love how she can play by herself. Seriously, her kitchen and her dolls can keep her occupied for such a long time.
  • I love how she thinks I can make anything. I can show her a shirt that I just bought at the store with tags still attached, and her face lights up and she squeals, "You made that for me?"
  • I love how she calls Maggie her sisder, and sometimes when her feelings are hurt, only her sisder will do.
  • I love how she thinks the automatic garage door opening most certainly means that Daddy is home, and she speeds to the door to wait.
  • I love how she lives for the limelight. This is so opposite of me! If she isn't getting enough attention, she does what she needs to get it! This cracks us all up--especially at the dinner table...
  • I absolutely LOVE that our caboose is such a grand mix of our other two!
{And no, I did not make this ADORABLE snowman dress...a dear friend passed it down to us...isn't it something? SO CUTE!}

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