Tuesday, February 16

Ft. Moultrie

John and I explored Fort Moultrie on Sunday morning while on Sullivan's Island. John had never been there, but I have been there many, many times during my childhood. As far back as my memory goes, I visited Charleston with my family and my grandparents. My granddaddy LOVED the area for a lot of reasons that I don't even think he understood at the time, but regardless, every spring and summer he would take his handful of off days and drag us to visit something--the beach, the zoo, the Yorktown, the Forts. When we were little, we were fascinated by it all. When we were bigger, and my granddad was gone...we didn't enjoy the historic places quite so much...

It was fun to share a piece of my childhood with John, and John is so OVERLY interested in the military history. We climbed the steps, walked the hills, and looked out over the water to Fort Sumter. When we finished our self-guided tour, we went into the visitor center, which definitely was not there when I was little. On the way out, an elderly man was talking with a little boy who looked like he was maybe four or five. The man and I exchanged smiles, and I took a few more steps before I turned back toward him. I asked him if the boy was his grandson, and the man just beamed and told me he was indeed. I smiled back and wished him a grand day out with his grandson.

I fought back tears for the next 50 steps or so to the car. That is exactly what my granddad did with me, and the memories I have with him are such very strong, happy memories. I wish I could put my hands on a picture of me there as a child...I am definitely going to look!

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You're awesome.