Tuesday, January 19

When you are 8 1/2...

...you will drive your mom CRAZY. You are so busy trying to be BIG, and mommy just wants you to stay little. I imagine it only gets worse from here on out. A dear friend reminded me just recently that I am almost half-way done with raising you. It scares me. I am not sure I am doing a great job, and there are so many things I want you to see and know and understand before you hit that eighteen mark. I hope and pray we're on the right paths, but it is all a guessing game for your Dad and I. Please be patient with us; we are learners, too!

That being said, I wanted to remember this picture. We were at church Sunday, and an adult friend asked about your earrings. I hadn't even noticed, but you had two completely different earrings in your ears (one green snail, one purple bird). It was not by accident; you chose two different earrings, and there was a detailed explanation.
You have a self-confidence and sense of security that amazes me. I hope that in the next few years, you are able to hold true to these things. I hope you stay this way for the rest of your life. Your sweet spirit, your giving heart, your confidence...these are things that will make you such an incredible servant leader. While you are busy driving me bananas, I must remember that God designed you this way, for this season, for his purposes.


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What a beautiful post...beautifully said..:)