Tuesday, January 19

Hanging Mid-Air

We took Monday off of school since Daddy was home. We were sitting around, and on a whim, decided to introduce our children to real rappelling. I say "real" because John has taught them the basics off of our back deck already.

Bent was a little more nervous than the rest, but in the end, he did rather well.

Maggie was an old pro. She would seriously rappell everyday if she had the opportunity. By the end of the time, she was clipping herself in, coming down the rock face, and hanging upside down when she approached the ground.
Ellie played at the edge of the waterfall, throwing rocks in, one at a time, for about two hours. She was a *slight* bit wet for the ride home, but she had fun!


Cathlene said...

Where is that place?! We need to go. By the way, I'm a self professed lurker. But I love your blog

amy said...

Cathlene--it is in Paulding County off of 61. We take Rock Store Road to High Shoals. There is a small cemetery on the left, and you actually park there. There is a trail behind the cemetery that leads to the waterfall. It is really pretty back there right now because of all the rain!

The Falkins said...

How fun! What a great memory this will be for your kids!