Friday, January 22

Bentley's List

Bentley is my kind of kiddo. He is a list maker. This is the list he made for his Ugly doll this morning. Apparently, they have big plans for the day. Blog world, meet Big Toe.

Bent received him for Christmas from his buddy, Ava, and let's just say that the two are inseparable...much like his other two big toes.

1. Eat Breakfast
2. Eat Lunch
3. Go to the park
4. Nap
5. Play outside
6. Brush Teeth
7. Spy
8. Computer
9. Eat dinner
10. Find Indiana Jones
11. Brush Teeth
12. Rinse
13. Floss
14. Get in bed
15. Snuggle up!


Jeff said...

double tooth brushing... excellent!

John said...

He's clearly yours.

amy said...

Clearly, John. His list was

1. numbered
2. written on paper, not on his hand

3. he tried to stick to it!