Saturday, December 26

A quick glimpse at the last few days:

  • Tuesday, I had dinner and game night with my covenant group (think discipleship groups) ladies. Sooooo much fun. We played the game Things which is always a treasure to play with this particular group of ladies. If you haven't played Things, and you are a game player, you should.
  • Wednesday, we had dinner at Wild Wings with some good friends. We met there at 7, waited until 7:45 for a table, and waited until after 8 for food. We had 6 adults, 2 two-year-olds, 1 six-year-old, 2 eight-year-olds. It was a fabulous night; we had so much fun with our friends, and I am so grateful for fun, well-behaved flexible children. It could have been a disaster, but it wasn't. Our food was yummy, and our time with friends was even better.
  • We decorated cookies on Christmas Eve, and I made the icing from scratch. All three kiddos had a blast, and we have so many cookies that we boxed some up and shared with our new neighbors. Bentley also helped me make snowmen from white chocolate and Nutter Butters. Mags baked mini cupcakes on her own, and they were wonderful!
  • Christmas Eve dinner was Santa pancakes (and other breakfast-y items). The kiddos, of course, loved them!
  • We celebrated Advent as a family with Nana and PawPaw joining us. John played the guitar as we sang carols, we read the Christmas story from the Bible, and we prayed for the families we have received cards from...It is such a neat tradition we have started in our family, and I think it just may be my favorite time of the whole season. We lit the Christ candle and enjoyed our time together.
  • Santa came, and the kiddos were happy with their gifts--from Santa and the ones from us. They especially LOVE their bean bag chairs, and even carried them up to their rooms for the read aloud at bed time. Maggie said to me tonight, "you know, we didn't get a ton of things, we got just the right amount." And she is right, sometimes less is more, and what they get just means more to them. I am so glad they have such big and giving hearts.
  • Other than our living room (still infested with playmobil and legos), the house is clean. I love this feeling!

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