Monday, December 14

It's the little things...

I made peppermint bark this afternoon, and I let the kiddos have some after dinner. Bentley did not like it because, "I don't like peppermint, and I don't like bark."
There you have it.

The race shirt from Saturday has Santa and a man's face on the front. When I wore mine, Ellie said, "That man is scary." Festive holiday shirt it is not.

Maggie is sewing...on my sewing machine. She is making her friends pillows for Christmas gifts. I am nervous!


Kim said...

Go Maggie!

John said...

Also tonight Bentley came to dinner tonight as if he was at a restaurant. We had a sausage pasta thing so he appropriately dubbed the restaurant Noodle-Lou's (or Loo's ?). Creative.