Friday, December 4

Home School Math Homework

OR Christmas Light Poker

This post must begin with a story. Eleven years ago, John and I were not even engaged yet. I was in Atlanta visiting with him, and he was still a student at Georgia Southern. The football team was particularly good that year, and John and I went to the championship game since it was in Chattanooga. Coming back home, the interstate was completely stopped with traffic. Since we were young, had no babysitter we were paying by the hour, and adventurous, we hopped off the interstate and decided to explore the "back roads" back in the day of no GPS. It was a LONG trip home from Chattanooga (about an hour normally). It was dark, and there was nothing to look at but redneck Christmas lights and decorations. So we did what an fun-loving couple would do, we made it a game!

Do you remember playing cow poker as a child on those long trips in the back of the station wagon? Oh, wait...I think you must have been a product of the late '70's/early '80s to have that memory. John and I, both having spent hours playing cow poker, morphed that into Christmas Light Poker. I am sure we aren't the first to do this, but in case you have never had the joy of playing, here are our rules. It is often during this season, that we load up the car after dinner and drive around to look at lights. Now you can practice some basic math skills if you choose to take in the lights around you!

1. You are divided into teams. Those sitting on the right side of the car, get the points on the right. Those on the left, get the points on the left. For those lucky middle seat riders, it is best to pick mommy's team. I'm just saying...

2. Any house decorated with lights and such is worth points.
* just lights 1 point
*plastic Santa, snowman, and such 5 points each
*Inflatables 5 points each
*Santa & reindeer on roof 25 points
*Nativity Scene 25 points

3. Any house decorated with ONLY blue lights means you lose ALL your points and must start over.

Okay, now you can go enjoy the Christmas light season. We will!


John said...

I don't know about the assumption that Mommy's team is best :)... Here's a rule clarification though, a lawn with plastic deco or inflatables is worth 5pts (not 5pts for each item).

Kim said...

No...Mommy's team IS best! I have never heard of this game but it sounds fun. We'll have to try it.

John said...

After further discussion with the better player in the family, I take back what I said in my last post... At least the part about plastic & inflatable lawn decorations. 5pts for each piece, so a house with an inflated snowman and a big plastic candle is worth 10, etc.