Sunday, December 6

A Christmas Favorite, For Sure

When I was seven, my grandfather died. I spent a lot of time with him in those seven years, and my memories of him are very strong memories. He was a great grandfather. After he died, my great aunt Valerie (my grandmother's sister-in-law) tried to keep my grandmother busy--in just a short time following, my grandmother saw Memphis and Hawaii and a little of everything in between. One one trip, they went to Helen, Georgia. She brought us all back a Christmas ornament. I loved mine! It has several stories in it, and I have read through it about a million times. My great aunt died shortly after, and my grandmother was never quite the same after losing two super-special people in such a short time frame. I never really realized how special it was until my grandmother died a few years ago. When I pulled it out that Christmas, I realized what a great treasure it is...a simple ornament, but so much meaning and memory attached to it. It is neat to see now as my own children reach for it to read the stories. It certainly reminds me to be about the business of making memories and imprinting the hearts of my own little ones.

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