Monday, November 23

When You are Six

When you are six, you play a lot and laugh often. You build things, amazing creations, with legos. You play in the backyard for hours, and your imagination is limitless. The trees are the forest, the trampoline is your spaceship, and the swing set is your hideout. You can ride your bike without training wheels, and you can climb just about any tree in our yard.

When you are six, you bother your sisters in the most incredible ways. You just HAVE.TO.BE.A.PART of whatever Maggie is doing, and on most days, she is gracious and lets you tag along with her. Ellie gets into your toys, and it drives you insane. You like things to be a certain way, and well, Ellie just does her own thing. And on most days, you are gracious with her, and you let her have her way. You love both of your sisters dearly, and that love shows itself daily.

When you are six, your Daddy is your hero. I hope it stays this way, because I happen to think your Daddy is pretty incredible myself. You love for him to walk in the door and play with you. You like to sit beside him when he is working on something, and you have set up a spot for yourself in the garage right next to his work spot. When he runs an errand, you like to tag along, and I am willing to bet you could find your way around Home Depot better than I could.

When you are six, you can read. You enjoy your timed tests in math (unlike your sister), and school work comes easy for you. You are always cracking a joke and making us laugh. You seriously brighten my day.

Happy 6th Birthday, Bent! We love you!

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Kimmer said...

Happy Birthday Bent!