Monday, November 2

Things I've learned about running:

1. I am not a natural runner. I do not move my feet or legs like I should when I run.

2. I can breathe correctly when I run, which John tells me is better than # 1.

3. I enjoy short jogs much better than long runs.

4. Shin splints hurt in every day life, not just when running.

5. I would rather run or jog if it is cold outside so that my body does not freeze.

I walked this morning in the cold, and I still have not warmed back up...that was FIVE hours ago. John and I are going to run this evening, and I am actually looking forward to it because I will be warm!


John said...

I think that this is all code for, "I'm really starting to enjoy running."

amy said...

I've been told that when I can run 6 miles easily, I'll enjoy it. I am thinking I'll never get to that point. :) It is getting easier, though.

The Davis Family said...

Just the other day, as I was attempting a very short jog, I thought of you and how you and Heather would run in our early years of VSU.

Amy said...

Shane bought some new shoes and it seemed to really help his shin splints a lot. Maybe that's a good excuse for some new kicks.