Thursday, November 12


So Bentley is currently writing a list...a list of things he'd like to do and get done today.

It has things on it such as:

play outside
clean up {he knows he has to do that at the end of the day}

I just watched him add:

school work

Then, I watched him cross it out because he's already finished with that.

It's good to know I'm not the only one who likes to add things to a list just so I can cross them out...


angie said...

Have you ever read the Frog and Toad story about Toad doing the same thing (writing things down and crossing them out)? It's very good. Then again, we love all Frog and Toad stories!

Kimmer said...

That sounds like me. Why shouldn't it be on the list? It makes me feel good to have at least one thing done :-)