Thursday, November 5

Switching It Up...

So Maggie's gymnastics team is preparing for the Santa Parade/Festival. They are practicing a little floor routine and tumbling mix that they will perform in the cold in December. We can't wait. Ha.

We take what I consider "cheap" gymnastics--recreation department, non-competitive gymnastics. That being said, Maggie has grown tremendously under her dear Ms. Brook's tutelage and can now do things I only ever dreamed of doing.

Apparently when it came time to sign up again last week, her "partner" in the routine decided not to sign up again. So tonight, they had to switch it up a little...and Maggie's new partner dropped her on her head a few times.

This would seem awful to me, but hey, I've watched her drop herself on her head numerous times. Thank goodness for gym mats, right?

On the way home, Maggie was discussing this terrible fate with her best buddy, Ava.

Maggie: "I asked Ms. Brook if we could switch, but Ms. Brook said she [the other girl] weighs more. She probably still has some baby fat."

Ava: "What?"

Maggie, realizing she was inappropriate: "Never mind."

Ava: "What did you say?"

Maggie: "I just said she probably just still has some baby fat."

Ava: "Blubber."

A bit of chatter, and then Ava followed it up with some encouraging words for her friend.

Ava: "Maggie, you dance better and you are way more flexible. Ms. Brook probably has way better reasons not to let you switch than baby fat."

Two important things this makes me think about:

1. I LOVE the conversations of smart and thoughtful eight-year-olds.

2. I hope they have they gym mats out in downtown Kennesaw when this girl drops Maggie on her head.

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Anonymous said...

Kids ARE so smart! They keep it simple and real and they see the world without the jaded view most adults have. I need to get a day...D