Monday, November 30

Surprise, surprise...

Bentley received an awesome Darth Vader shirt for his birthday. It was washed, folded, and sent upstairs with Bent to be put away. It disappeared. John looked for it, Bentley looked for it, and finally, I looked for it. We could not find it anywhere. It has been missing over a week now. It still has never been worn.

Tonight, I had the kiddos at home by myself for the evening, so I decided that we would put up their little trees in their rooms. I went in the girls' room, and although it appeared neat from the doorway, one trip to the interior revealed SO.MUCH.CRAMMING.OF.JUNK that I thought I might just go bananas. Acorns, seeds, pictures, beads, lip gloss, art supplies (that belong elsewhere, of course), and American Girl...what a combination. I decided on the spot that we would clean instead, and so we did.

By the time John came home, I was almost done with the girls' room, and he jumped in to help Bentley. I stopped by the door just in time for John to open up Bent's Lego table. I couldn't help but laugh at the first thing John pulled out...Bent's Darth Vader the Lego table. Nice. I can't wait until his teenage years.

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