Saturday, November 7

Start of a New Year of Scouting

Maggie had her Brownie Investiture/Rededication ceremony this morning. She participated in the flag ceremony and received her pin for her third year of Brownie Scouts.

Maggie and Ava

Receiving her pin

Maggie also shared a small bit about the history of Girl Scouts and Juliette Gordon Low. Her leaders asked me if I thought she would do it, and I told them, "of course." Maggie was a champ, and she did a great job standing in front of the room and sharing loudly enough for everyone to hear. I wasn't there, but thankful my Mom and John's mom took pictures and recorded it for me. I am always encouraged at how much poise and confidence my Maggie is gaining. She amazes me.

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cindy said...

I am always amazed at the confidence level Maggie displays in front of groups.She performed her parts wonderfully.Great Job Maggie!! So glad Nana and I were able to share the moment with you.