Saturday, November 21

Remember this. (edited)

Dear Bentley,

When you are sixteen and too cool to be seen with me, please remember the year you turned six and your mommy handmade you a Stars Wars pinata.



By request:

You really must be a fan to recognize this training ball. Luke Skywalker learns some Jedi skills while hitting this training ball with his light saber. There are no training ball pinatas to be had, and considering John told me this was a need of his, say Thursday, I was a little hard-pressed to come up with something even similar. So here it is, my training ball pinata full of goodies to be knocked out by light saber-wielding kiddos. Much fun. It involved some light weight cardboard, some packaging tape, rubber cement, and tissue paper. Oh, and a lot of vision and creativity (not!).

And some of the fellow dads knew exactly what it was, so that made me feel a little better.


Leanne said...

A homemade piƱata? Really, Amy? You simply MUST put up a picture...

You might be the coolest mom ever.


Lisa said...

I agree with Leanne - we need a picture of this Pinata.