Monday, November 2

Pattern: Epic Fail.

So, I bought a pattern off of Etsy...which I do occasionally when I see something that I do not think I can recreate myself. Usually, I have the confidence to dream it out myself, but this little dress had me intrigued. I smock a good bit, so I could have altered a bishop-style pattern to recreate this, but I was thinking that the bottom of the dress would then be too full to accommodate such a big bow. I couldn't wrap my head around it, so I ordered the pattern and immediately set to work.

The end result is stinking cute, but it is a bit too grown up for my likings on my two year old. I do not like the bottom (it is lacking just a tidbit of fullness), and the back of the dress has some extra bulk up top that I am not pleased with at all. I do ♥ the fabric, and I am going to attempt this again...maybe tonight. Instead, though, I now have confidence to do it my own way.

As a side note, Maggie tried it on as a top, and it actually looked cute. It was a wee bit tight (Size 2 dress = a size 6? top), so I think we will pass it on to someone else to use as a top with maybe some leggings.

Anyway, yes, it was a pattern disaster. I really should trust myself more.


Owlhaven said...

Very cute, I wonder, could you add some upside down v-shaped pieces of the solid pink fabric to the skirt to make it fuller?


Owlhaven said...

(kind of like on the bottom of the jeans of your older daughter in the Halloween picture...?)
Just an idea.

amy said...

That's actually a pretty good thought. I made a new dress; this time eliminating the pink bank insert and leaving just the side sashes for a bow. It seemed to help the extra "bulk" that was in the back. I'll post a new picture soon!