Tuesday, November 3

A Little French Influence...

When Mags was a toddler, we were bombarded with Dora the Explorer. We didn't even watch it often (think no cable, living way out where even rabbit ears couldn't pick up stations, and one single Dora video), but everything geared to her age bracket had Dora stamped on it. Even in our avoidance, she picked up some basic Spanish from the kiddo.

What we did encourage greatly was Madeline, and Maggie adored her. We had all the books, several dolls, and thanks to the $5 bin at Walmart, we acquired many of the cartoons on DVD. Maggie did pick up a few French phrases as well, so we were quite pleased.

Fast forward six years, and Ellie has FALLEN.IN.LOVE with dear old Madeline. She often digs through the movies, pulls out a Madeline DVD, and proceeds to insist upon watching it. We have all read the books to her so frequently that she is beginning to memorize them. She often says, "Something is not right" and "most of all, we love each other." She seriously cracks us up.

So I am not really sure why, but I was quite surprised yesterday as she headed up the stairs, when our sweet Ellie called out, "Au revoir! Good bye!"

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Kimmer said...

French is a beautiful language! I am glad they have learned a few phrases. You have smart children.

Vous etes une bonne mere!