Saturday, November 7

A Cross Country Story...imagine that...

I did not know what cross country even was until I was in college, and even then, I only really knew that cross country meant running...a lot. Then, I married a runner who would become a cross country coach, and then, I learned that fall was no longer mine to have, but rather, for the team. I have grown to embrace it over the years, and if I am completely honest, I am not sure what we would do with out cross country now. I even hope that my own little ones will one day find the joy and thrill of the Saturday race and personal records.

This is John's fourth year as the assistant coach with his current school. That means that there are some kiddos on the team that he has now known and invested in for four years. They are great teenagers, and I am constantly amazed at the overall intelligence and level of discipline that these teenagers maintain. They really are a rare breed in today's society. Today, one of boys came in THIRD place in the State Meet. The same boy that we watched run four years ago, that we've watched literally grow up, that we've seen develop into an incredible young man.

And I heard this story:

One of the girls on the team was running pretty much neck-to-neck with a girl from another team for most of the race. It is a particularly hilly course with a good hill right before a downhill finish. When the girls approached the last hill, our girl looked at the other girl and told her, "Come on, we've got to push forward." And they did just that. Once the race was finished and the girls were out of the chute, the girl from the other team found our girl and told her, "thank you...that was just what I needed to finish."

That, I've come to learn, is what cross country is all about.

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