Monday, October 12

Bentley Conversations.

Okay, this is how it really goes down in our house: For every one super, sweet thing Maggie does or says, Bentley does or says five funny things.

Maggie= sweet tenderheart
Bentley= class clown (still sweet, though!)

Yesterday while hiking at Kennesaw Mountain, Bentley was discussing the finer points of personal strength and muscle bulk with Maggie and Daddy.

Oh, where was I? Pulling our toddler through the woods by the hand because, "I CAN WALK MYSELF, MOMMY!" (Fortunately, Grannis took over this task, and I actually got some exercise!)

Bentley, to Maggie: "You and Daddy and Mommy are all strong and have big muscles in your arms."

Daddy and Maggie laugh, which encourages him greatly.

Bentley: "See my arms. They go like this [imagine: wide, wiggly movements]. You guys have muscles, I have gummy worms."

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