Thursday, September 17

Rainy Days on Thursdays...

It has literally rained ALL WEEK. Here is our attempt to focus on the positive.

The Top Ten Fun Things We Did on this Rainy Day:

10. ALL THE LAUNDRY...okay, I admit this was only fun for me, but we seriously did about six or seven loads of laundry. If you are wondering how we produce that much, ask John. He goes through at least 3 outfit changes a day--the life of a coach.

9. We finished reading a chapter book out loud. We get to start a new one tomorrow--always fun to pick out a new book.

8. Hide-and-seek in the house. Ellie doesn't quite *grasp* the concept, but hey, it was fun regardless.

7. Choreographed our own moves to some Taylor Swift and High School Musical. And yes, Ellie was certainly involved.

6. Played in the rain in our rain boots. The kiddos raced sticks in the flowing water--pooh sticks style.

5. Vacuumed, and yes, my kiddos LOVE to vacuum.

4. Counted apple seeds for Bent's math lesson.

3. Made Craters by dropping Asteroids (pebbles) into a bowl of flour.

2. Made salt dough so not to waste above mentioned flour.

1. Shaped salt dough into Mercury and made models of the planet.


lisa said...

man, you do more on one rainy day then i do in a whole weekend!! sounds like a great rainy day.

HoltonFamily said...

Hey Amy, this is off topic but I noticed Maggie read "Mrs. Piggle Wiggle"....I LOVED those books as a kid! I was just thinking about it the other day, wondering if I still owned a copy of that one somewhere. I think I remember there being four of those books. I will never forget the "I-thought-you-said-its" story. Anyway, tell Maggie that was always one of my faves!