Monday, September 28

Chasing Butterflies.

My oldest two are outside, chasing butterflies that are suddenly in abundance in our yard. They chase butterflies, come in for water, ride bikes, and chase more butterflies. Oh, and occasionally, I hear the basketball in the driveway. The weather is so nice that it is hard to believe that people less than 30 miles from me had houses completely underwater just a week ago. People who've lost everything.

It has been a rough week. Loss is always tough, even when it isn't directly affecting you. Then just as you've finished thanking God for sparing your family, your belongings, and your nice life...just as you emptied out your closets of all the things other people really could use at this point...just as you see the sun come out and begin to feel life coming back around...God reminds us what it is really all about. He is in control, and He has a plan beyond what we can see and control. He is still God, and he is still good.

We lost a very dear friend Saturday afternoon...very suddenly. I am still in shock, I think, and I don't really know how to feel about it at all. Life is short, and so very unpredictable for us...but for God, it is a part of his plan and his glory. It doesn't really make my heart any less sad, but it does cause me to trust in God's plan a little bit more.

And it reminds me to stop and enjoy the butterfly-chasing, basketball-dribbling, bike-riding side of life. If I blink too much, it will be gone.

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Kimmer said...

I am sorry to hear about this. Your mom mentioned on facebook she lost someone. May God comfort you all.
Love you-