Monday, September 14

A Bentley Funny.

So, we have some new neighbors across the street. There are no kiddos, so that was slightly disappointing to the 8-and-under set around here. The kiddos managed to shake it off, though, and have been busy watching as our neighbors get settled. They have a lot of plants, flowers, and trees in the front sitting in buckets ready to be planted, as well as a concrete bench and a few garden statues. I am *hoping* that the end result would be pleasing to the eye, but at this rate, I'm not so sure.

Apparently, neither is Bentley. This afternoon, as he rode his bike around our driveway, he glanced across the street. "Wow, Mom. They're making a graveyard across the street."


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Frances said...

Brian and I just had a good laugh at this one. I hope he's wrong, but certainly entertaining!!