Monday, August 24

Two Wheels

So he's been on the edge of two-wheeling for several months now, riding about 10-15 feet at the most before stopping and starting all over again. It makes for a very SLOW trip if you are actually headed anywhere.

So this afternoon, he hopped on his bike and just took off across the driveway. He must have circled our cul-de-sac at least 25 times...desperately waiting for Daddy to get home. Daddy had practice until seven, so I had to put on my mean mommy hat and make him come in and eat dinner.
As soon as Daddy pulled in the driveway, Bentley was ready to take off again. He was so proud of himself!

And this picture is for those of you who always ask me if Ellie cries. Why, yes, she does. This is how she felt when I told her that she could not venture past the grass and into the road with her brother and sister. It stinks being too little sometimes.

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