Monday, August 3

My Saddest Post of the Year.

Every year, I think this is my lowest point. John has been home since the end of May. He is an awesome Daddy, so he has been up with the kiddos since then. He has made breakfast about 60 times, and he has tucked kiddos into bed just as often. He has been to pool and to the lake. He has done laundry and loaded the dishwasher and entertained the kiddos and entertained me.

And today, he is back at work. I am up, and everything is back to being my responsibility, which is really okay with me. I like the routine. But I miss John...already. It's going to be a long couple of weeks.


Kim said...

Getting back to the grind is a transition isn't it? Today was a little transitional stress for us too, but in a cpl weeks, I know we'll have our heads around it! Summer ending is always bittersweet!

Amy said...

I hear ya. Shane was named the head coach of the varsity football team this year and football practice officially started yesterday. Tonight he is spending the night with the guys for some bonding team with the team. I guess we'll see him again around November (if they don't make the playoffs). It sure has been nice having him around throughout the summer though.