Wednesday, August 5

Maggie's school year this year:

Math--Saxon 5/4: I toyed with the idea of switching it up--she is in a real text book this year, and I wasn't too sure how she'd do with that...but man, she is excited about it! She is strongest in math anyway (she is John's child, you know), so I am sticking with it.

English/Grammar: Shurley English--we started this last year, and Maggie L*O*V*E*S it. It may replace math this year as her favorite. She loves the chants and sing-song way about it, and I love the work. My eight yr. old is well-versed now in sentence structure and the parts of speech...makes me happy, too.

Reading: We are plowing through Sonlight's list of novels and books...they go along with American History this year, and I am always impressed with the variety and quality of literature Sonlight pulls together.

Science: Exploring Creation--Astronomy. We did Flying Creatures last year and loved it, so Astronomy it will be this year. I am going to supplement some with Sonlight's Discover and Do DVD's (and Bent's Kindergarten Science will be a good refresher for some basics).

History: The Story of the US and our literature selections...very excited about this. Maggie and I have been doing The Story of the World for several years, and we will continue a little with that, but we are going to focus on the US history this year. I taught fifth grade before having my kiddos and US History was my favorite. I am really looking forward to it!

All of this, plus some spelling, Bible, Latin, critical thinking, geography, handwriting, art, and music! It's going to be quite a year for her!!

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