Sunday, August 9


Dear Bentley,

Tomorrow is the big day...the day you have waited not-so-patiently for over the last three years. You get to start school. You are finally a kindergartner. I have plans for you, but they sit in a pile on the table mocking me. They mock me because I am not quite sure what to do with you. What do I focus on? What do I teach? You already know your letters and your sounds, and you can sound out words to read. You already count to one hundred, skip count, and do basic math. I really taught you very little; you learned it all while playing at the Thomas table while Maggie did school. You absorbed. You have picked up bits of history and science along the way--so much so that I question myself as to whether or not what worked for Maggie in kindergarten will work for you. I am relying heavily on the theory that it is not so much what you teach and how you teach, but the time invested that makes the difference. We are about to adventure into open waters together, and I am so excited for you. I know I say it a lot, but I will say it once again...this is your moment, buddy, this is your time. Enjoy it.

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Kim said...

You know..this post is really encouraging as I often wonder how I will add Aidan in next yr for K. It is a great reminder how much they learn by just observation and a little motivation.