Thursday, August 20

Dear Little Tikes

I am not sure why you ever stopped making this playset. We bought it at a yardsale 9 years ago. My niece played with it, Maggie has played with it, and now Ellie plays with it. It is perfect for the chubby little fingers of toddlerhood.

This is what Ellie was doing while I did school with the big kids. It made me's our family!


Cindy said...

Amen! This is exactly what I have at preschool too, and it's PERFECT for my classes...age 2. Do you have the house, too? Whenever our "resource person" finds one at a yard/consignment sale, she snatches it up!!! They're getting hard to find!

amy said...

We have a house--the one with a bedroom/bathroom upstairs and the pull-out floor downstairs. My favorite piece is the red minivan with the carseat for the baby. LOVE it! We bought all our pieces for $15 at a yard sale way back, car, baby furniture, kitchen, table, chairs, easel, slide, tractor,two families and grandparents. It is amazing how much the pieces go for on ebay...we love it though!