Thursday, July 9

Maggie is ALMOST 8.

Maggie will celebrate her 8th birthday on the way home from the beach next Saturday, so we had her friends over tonight. She REALLY wanted a "painting" party at our favorite painting joint, but the cost was unbelievable...really...seriously unbelievable. I decided to do it myself, and I have to say I think it went fairly well. The girls did a great job listening, and they produced some great sunflowers!


trmills said...

Hello! Just popped over to see how you all were...happy birthday, Maggie!

Kimmer said...! She is so big!! I miss you all. I need to plan a trip or something; the way kiddos are growing around your house, they will be in high school if I dont come over soon.

I remember her being a baby. I think I saw her once at the house Grandmama B and your mother had in Augusta behind the golf course! That was such a long time ago!!!