Saturday, July 18


{On the beach just yesterday}

When you are eight, you are big enough to wake up on your own and keep quiet until the rest of house rises. You venture downstairs and occasionally make your own breakfast. You do you chores without reminding (most of the time), and you brush and floss automatically. You dress yourself and pick out your own clothes. You run and play and imagine and create. You read chapter books and learn all about things that I have to go back and explain. You still consider Mommy and Daddy the most excellent of resources, and you come to us often for information. You make friends easily, and you are beginning to understand and learn the fine balance of standing firm, yet remaining tactful. You laugh at our jokes now--a grand glimpse at what life is to look like in the years to come.

When you are eight, life is an exciting adventure ahead of you. We are excited to get to be along for the ride. Happy 8th Birthday, our Maggie Brett! We love you dearly.

{Sleeping over with your oldest friends--you girls have played together for almost 5 years now}

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