Sunday, June 7

With certain sadness.

I spent hours, and I mean hours, yesterday cleaning out the girls' room. Ellie has been sleeping on the bottom bunk for a few days, and she really didn't care to be in the crib any longer. I took down the crib for the third time in my lifetime (and I'm actually getting pretty quick at it!)...and I think it gets a little sadder each time. I cleaned out the stuffed animals and have a few bags to carry to goodwill. The room looks like such a big-girl room now, and I am just a tad bit sad about it all. Maggie was away most of yesterday, and I think she is going to be shocked when she comes home this afternoon--though I'm sure she'll love it! Now we can paint the dancers she wants on the walls!


Anonymous said...

Aw. And I hadn't even read your blog when I said she was getting to be such a big girl this morning!

Kim said...

That is bittersweet. We aren't there yet...won't be long. I always feel boys need the cage a bit longer. :)