Sunday, June 28

Taking Notes.

Last week, Maggie decided to start taking notes during church. She is not very quick, and her spelling is completely phonetic (because she is in such a hurry to get it written down!), but her effort is unbelievable. This week, she took notes again, and I thought I'd share them. She asked me to get her a notebook to keep her notes in, and I think I will. She's growing up so fast!


Kim said...

That is sweet!

The Falkins said...

Wish I had known this--I was just at TJ Max and at the check-out line they had the cutest notetaking pads. They had some monogrammed with a "M" on them--I wish I had picked one up for Maggie. (I couldn't find one with an "A" for Anna on it but I went ahead and got one with a "J" for John Caden with the idea that he could use it for taking sermon notes in church one day---seems like a very far away thought at the moment)!