Thursday, June 18

Some of life's lessons are sad.

I picked Maggie up from playing at a friends' house, and this is the conversation we had:

"Mommy, did you know that ****'s daddy doesn't play with her? She says that he goes to work in the mornings, comes home and gets on the computer, eats dinner, and then gets on the computer again."

"Well, baby, that happens sometimes."

"I asked her about Sundays, and **** said her daddy stays home from church and still doesn't play with her."

"Well, Maggie, you should go home and tell your daddy how much you love him and how happy you are that he does spend time with you and value you."


There were other words shared between us; words about how her friend must feel and why her friend may act the way she does. And the truth is John is very busy, and often he feels as if he doesn't get enough time with the kiddos. It isn't so much about quantity, but rather quality...and it sure was sad for Mags to realize. A good lesson, but rather sad...

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lisa said...

that is sad, but a good lesson for her to be thankful for the awesome daddy she has too:)