Tuesday, June 16

Maggie's dance recital...

When we first signed Maggie up for dance, we really had multiple reasons. She was still really little, but we strongly desired for her (and all our children, really) to experience friendship outside of church. At that point all her friends were across town at church, and we wanted her to have something with friends on our side of town. We thought it would lay the framework for exercise in her life, she would gain a few friends, and she would experience a "class" setting--since I was planning to homeschool. Needless to say, we thought she might take for a few years, and then, move onto other things.

Well, she LOVES dance. She has the best smile when she performs, and anyone can see how much she enjoys herself. She is a stellar kiddo, and often I am amazed as I walk backstage at the people who stop me to tell me what a joy my Maggie is. Some of her closest friends have come through dance, some of my closest friends have come through her dance, and we even ended up at our current church through her dance. I love to sit and watch at recital...it is such a good reminder to me that it is God indeed who orchestrates it all.

In the finale:
Mags and Ava backstage
Having a blast!
My dancing queen
and prima ballerina.

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