Sunday, June 21

Happy Fathers Day!

It would just not be right to let fathers Day slip by without giving a proper salute to John. He really is such a great Daddy to our little ones. He is not home as much as he would like during the sports seasons, but he still manages to make every moment count. He gets up with the early risers when he is home from work. He completes the night-time routine almost entirely by himself when he is home. He takes the kiddos to b'fast individually once a month or so in order that he can spend time with each one. He wrestles, plays dolls, and paints toe nails. He takes Bent to just about every Cross Country meet so that he doesn't have to sit with me at ballet. He sits Bent on the bumper when he is changing oil so that he can learn how. There are so many things he does with and for the kiddos, that they know, without a doubt, how special they each are to him.

And then he serves me. He walks in the door and with the wave of a hand or a smile, he bides me to take a break, and John takes over whatever duties he can. He gives great respect and honor to me and the roles I play in this family, and he supports me however he can. He is teaching Bentley how to be an awesome husband and father one day himself. When we jumped into parenthood almost eight years ago, I really had no idea how either of us would fare, but I know now that John was made to be a daddy. He's just that good at it. Happy Fathers Day, John!

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John said...

I'm feeling a little bit over-estimated. Love you babe.